The Submarine Chef – Coming Soon!


I’ve been tossing this idea around for a while now, and the more I process it, the more it sounds like a real winner…..

Very soon, for those of you that have Periscope, I’m going to start a series of live video cooking lessons. They aren’t going to be your usual cooking lessons however, they’re going to focus primarily on dishes that can be done in 30-min or less . As a Nutritionist, it’s my goal to get everyone eating better, but that doesn’t have to resolve itself to meaning you’re going to have to start eating foods you can’t pronounce.

So here’s how it’s going to go:

On my Facebook page: The Submarine Chef I’m going to post an upcoming show title, and the ingredients list for the dish we’ll be cooking. I’ll also announce the time of the show (EST) so you can get yourselves ready for it. I’m going to aim for around dinner time so it makes sense for you to cook a meal then. It couldn’t be simpler. I post the info and ingredients, you tune in, we cook together, you enjoy the fruits of your labor. Here’s the thing…I could be showing you a breakfast recipe, lunch, dinner or desert. We’re going to mix it up a little, but I ensure you that you’ll have fun and enjoy what you make. We’re going to have a blast together!

Throughout each program, I’m also going to show you how you: read food labels so you can understand them, how to look at using herbs/spices so you can really turn your dishes up in flavor, and how to determine just how much food you really need to meet your daily energy requirements. Additionally, you’ll learn about supplementing your diet, and how to determine what supplements will help you best, introduce you to new products, explain new developments in nutrition…all within 30 minutes. You’re going to love being a part of these!

So stay tuned and be sure to like my Facebook page so you’ll be informed as to when to point your Periscope my way.

You can follow me on Twitter too, by adding @Submarinechef to your list of those you follow. You won’t want to miss other recipes, nutrition info, and general lifestyle posts.

See you very soon!


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