The Invasion of the Belly Snatchers

Yeah, I know. You’ve read so many articles about weight-loss, watched the videos, bought the books, CD’s and gym memberships, and other than losing some weight that always finds its way home. No matter what you’ve tried, you always seem to be staring at that enlarged waistline that won’t leave, like it’s being paid by the hour to hang around.

There are a variety of options, some have been around a while, some less-so, and they range from full-blown surgical options, to many less-evasive treatments. One theme seems to be a common thread though….they’re usually expensive, and require recovery time afterward…not to mention the ugly scars, loose skin and/or stretch marks that act as reminders. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an option that didn’t cost a paycheck, didn’t leave battle scars, and fit into your daily routine all while still giving you the results you’re after? Would you be surprised to know, there actually is?

For over a decade, there’s been a unique product on the market, designed to address the ‘Big 3’ issues plaguing bellies everywhere: loose, untoned, saggy skin. You’d think it was actually fat accumulation, but you’d be wrong, and here’s why….

Your Skin

Your skin is elastic. It’s actually designed to stretch and contract as you move. When we sit, our innards push outtard leaving us with saggy skin. You’ll notice that when you wake up in the morning, you always look more toned than when you went to bed. That’s because while you’re sleeping, everything that usually pushes out, is now spread out over a larger area, relaxing the pressure on your skin, and it retracts. If you continuously do this however, it stretches the skin, and it leaves it looking flabby and loose. It’s not necessarily fat that’s causing this, it can actually be just over-stretched.


Weight-loss isn’t a bad thing. In-fact, it’s the #1 sought after remedy with the human body, however, what happens when you lose weight on the cosmetic side of things, tends to be something we get upset over.

When you’re young, your body recovers quickly from activity, your skin tends to tighten a little quicker, and the repeated activities you participate in, have quicker effects on your body. As you get older however, through repeated stretching, a decrease in the collagen in your skin, and a reduction in moisture, your skin tends to remain stretched making you look less toned than you really might be.

Stretch Marks

Although this doesn’t happen to everyone, and there are those that moisturize vigorously to prevent it, the marks left on your skin are actually scars that resulted from over stretching. Finding a non-invasive product that can fade the scarring and stimulate both collagen and elastic-fiber growth to fill them in can be a daunting task.

The Ultimate Body Applicator


Remember when I said there was a product that’s been around for over a decade, that could help you with loose, untoned and saggy skin? It’s called The Ultimate Body Applicator, or ‘That Crazy Wrap Thing’, and it’s been around for over 15 years, with a borderline cult following that swears by the results it offers.

What it does, is tighten, tone and firm up your skin. Through a proprietary blend of botanically-based ingredients that’s infused into the non-woven cloth it’s made of, the wrap goes to work instantly when it comes into contact with skin. It’ll work anywhere on your body between your chin and your ankles, and delivers results in as-little-as 45 minutes. Now I know what you’re thinking, but I’ve not only seen the effects, I’ve seen them on myself. Due to each of us being slightly different, with various factors like genetics, health, diet, etc., that affects us, it can take  anywhere between 1 and 4 wraps to see a difference, which makes it convenient that these wraps come in boxes of 4.

The thing you need to keep foremost in your mind is, they don’t cause weight loss, they’re a tool to help you gain tighter, more toned and firmer skin. The moisturizers in the cloth leave your skin feeling amazing, and because they keep working over 3 days, the results are progressive. So if you don’t see results immediately after you wear one, don’t worry. Although 90% of those that use them see results after 45 minutes, I personally required a day before I saw the slightest change, and I’d tightened my skin a whopping 1.75 inches after the first wrap. After 3, I was down from a 42″ pant size, to a 34″ pant size…I weighed the same, but because my skin was tighter, I looked thinner and I felt great. The extra bonus is, these things aren’t just a temporary fix. The results last between 2 and 6 months, so they do deliver long-term effects.

As a Nutritionist, I’m going to say, that if you want your results to last longer, you’re going to need to address both diet and exercise in order to maintain your results. Honestly, these ‘Crazy Wraps’ have demonstrated a real advancement in being able to show my clients results on their lifestyle changes, quicker than traditional methods since it usually takes 3-12 weeks to see results from any activity/diet change.

In case you’re the type that requires visual evidence, I’m adding a gallery of before/after shots from people who’ve used the product. If you haven’t tried “That Crazy Wrap Thing” to see what it can do for you, I highly suggest it.

Before & After Images

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